Our first episode of Vegan Styled Life. We talk about Arlo’s, Voodoo Doughnut, Green New American Vegetarian, Nami _dessert&coffee, Slice of Vegas. Our favorite products from ExpoWest, Beyond Meat, Tofurky, Vegan Rob’s, Daiya Foods, Follow Your Heart, and Miyoko’s Kitchen. Check out the new LUHV FOOD. Hosts: James Lucas from Grape Cat Vegan Clothing and Accessories Ellen Champion from Champion Relationship Coaching Please email questions or comments to the Vegan Styled Life Podcast. We are looking for more vegans to interview. If you would like to be interviewed and tell your story. Please email the Vegan Styled Life Podcast.   Save Save Save SaveRead More →

On today’s podcast, James Lucas talks to Freya Dinshah the president of the American Vegan Society and editor of American Vegan magazine. Freya grew up in an ovo-lacto-vegetarian family in Epsom Surrey, England. Her parents became vegetarian after joining the Peace Movement. Freya gave up cheese after learning about rennet. H. Jay Dinshah posted an ad in the Peace Newspaper looking for a pen pal and Freya’s mother felt bad for him and told her to write to him. In 1959 her pen pal friend Jay inspired her to become vegan and in 1960 she moved to America where they married. Within a year, theRead More →