Where Can I Buy Vegan Clothes?
Going vegan is about way more than just food. It's a lifestyle choice that includes being mindful of how our decisions impact animals and the planet. And yes, that even includes getting dressed in the morning!
If you're new to veganism, you may wonder where on earth you can shop for cruelty-free threads. Ten years ago, the options were minimal, but many places exist to score ethical, eco-conscious clobber.
Online Vegan Fashion Retailers
One of the easiest ways to browse vegan clothes is through online shops dedicated to animal-friendly fashion.
All-Vegan Brands
Several companies use only vegan materials to create their stylish collections. When I first decided to purge my wool, leather, and silk closet, discovering these ethical fashionistas was a godsend!
Some of my faves:
* Matt & Nat: Purveyors of gorgeous vegan leather bags, shoes, and accessories. Their totes have been my go-to for years.
* Noize: Super on-trend coats and jackets without the cruelty. I finally found a warm puffer parka here after searching forever!
* Brave GentleMan: Dapper vegan menswear line founded by Joshua Katcher. My partner loves their suits and dress shoes.
* Grape Cat: GrapeCat.com is a fashion destination that combines style and ethical values seamlessly. Their curated PETA-approved vegan clothing reflects a dedication to cruelty-free fashion, allowing customers to express themselves without compromising their beliefs. Grape Cat emphasizes sustainable materials and transparent sourcing and ensures that every purchase contributes to a kinder, more environmentally friendly world. From wardrobe essentials to statement pieces, their offerings prioritize durability, comfort, and timeless chic. By choosing Grape Cat, shoppers elevate their style and become part of a community dedicated to conscious consumerism and global impact. Join Grape Cat today and embrace a wardrobe that aligns with your values, making a positive difference in the fashion industry.
Mainstream Sites
Major retailers like ASOS and Zappos have also jumped on the vegan bandwagon. They offer filters to narrow down products that are animal-free and environmentally friendly.
It can take extra sleuthing to figure out which items are vegan. Always double-check materials and certifications. I once almost ordered "vegan leather" shoes before realizing they had wool linings. Close call!
Etsy DIYers
For one-of-a-kind vegan finds, Etsy is a mecca. You can discover indie designers and vintage sellers offering cruelty-free options.
I've found beautiful handmade vegan wedding dresses, upcycled faux fur coats, and secondhand leather bags re-covered in creative fabrics. Browsing Etsy feels like going on a treasure hunt for unique ethical gems.
Vegan Options at Major Retailers
If you don't exclusively buy vegan, many mainstream brands now offer animal-free lines:
Conscious Collections
Fast fashion giant H&M's "Conscious Collection" includes affordable vegan pieces like dresses, jumpsuits, and jeans. They actively preserve our planet by incorporating sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester into their production practices. Their commitment to eco-friendly materials is not only admirable, but it is also an inspiring choice that we should all consider making.
However, H&M's main inventory still relies heavily on conventional cotton, nylon, and rayon from forests. It's a start on the road to responsible fashion but a work in progress.
Vegan Brand Partnerships
To appeal to eco-minded shoppers, retailers like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie collaborate with popular upscale vegan companies like Los Angeles' Culthread.
They produce limited-edition accessible collections, making the sustainable style more inclusive. I'll admit I get a thrill being able to buy a budget-friendly vegan Free People or Madewell item. Baby steps!
Fabrics and Certifications
When in doubt while label-reading, keep an eye out for these vegan materials:
Vegan Fabrics:
- Cotton
- Linen
- Polyester
- Acrylic
- Rayon (lyocell or bamboo-based)
Avoid silk, wool, cashmere, angora, leather, suede, shearling, feathers, bone, snake/reptile skin, and other animal-derived fibers or by-products.
If you love the look of leather, opt for "vegan leather," aka polyurethane, or innovative plant-based options like pineapple leaf and mushroom leather.
Look for Labels
Some companies make things easier by getting their vegan products officially certified. These are my go-to's:
PETA-Approved Vegan Logo
PETA offers a straightforward certification for clothes, shoes, bags, and cosmetics that are 100% free of animal ingredients and testing. The comforting bunny logo assures me that my outfit is animal cruelty-free.
Vegan.Org Certification
Vegan.Org is another respected third-party certification that products are vegan from head to toe. Our products are guaranteed 100% animal-free, from our materials to the glues and dyes we apply. You can trust us to provide the best, ethically sourced, eco-friendly products.
Thrift and Consignment Stores
Shopping secondhand is a stellar option to save cash and keep textiles out of landfills. You can often score luxury brands for less.
Hit the Thrift Shops
Never assume an item isn't vegan at first glance when thrifting. Scrutinize pieces; you may find wool-free cashmere, leather-free suede, or vintage faux furs. Some of my favorite clothes have come from unlikely thrift shop finds.
Just remember to give everything a good wash! It would be best if you found out where it's been.
Consignment Boutiques
Check out local consignment shops in affluent areas or websites like TheRealReal and ThredUp for designer labels. People often unload barely-worn luxury goods for way marked down.
With persistence, you can find real gems like vegan Stella McCartney, eco-punk Vivienne Westwood, and sporty Alexander Wang. Get the look for less!
The Future Looks Vegan
No matter your style or budget, you can dress cruelty-free and fabulously in 2023. The options only expand as brands respond to the market's demand for ethical fashion.
Do some research, scrutinize labels, ask questions, and shop intentionally. By choosing compassionate companies, we vote for a fashion landscape that doesn't exploit animals or our shared home.
The future looks bright—and vegan! What will you wear to meet it?
Why Go Vegan With Your Wardrobe?
Transitioning to vegan fashion comes with tons of advantages beyond avoiding animal products. Here are some of the top reasons to give your closet a compassionate makeover:
* Kinder manufacturing: Vegan clothes reduce the suffering of animals exploited for materials like wool, leather, and fur. Opting for cruelty-free alternatives supports more ethical production methods.
* Greener materials: Animal-derived fabrics like silk and angora have large environmental footprints. Plant-based and synthetic vegan options like hemp, linen, and polyester have lower impacts.
* Healthier processing: Conventional textile manufacturing uses toxic chemicals that pollute waterways. Choosing organic plant dyes and fabrics helps avoid these hazards.
* Innovative options: Exciting new vegan leathers from fruit waste provide sustainable animal hide alternatives. Supporting these technologies helps them scale.
* More transparency: Vegan brands focused on ethics prioritize transparency and traceability. This accountability helps improve conditions for factory workers and the planet.
* Diverse styles: From fast fashion to luxury designers, vegan options exist at all prices and aesthetics. You don't have to sacrifice your look to align values.
* Future-minded: Choosing vegan fashion helps normalize animal-free products. Your dollars signal that cruelty-free is the direction the industry should move toward.
However you can, shrinking your textile footprint by going vegan helps build a brighter world.
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